Panoramas - SunsetsOverCalifornia

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  • The Bay Awakens

    The rising sun colors the sky as the city begins its day.

  • Tranquil Sailing

    A few sailboats peacefully float atop the ocean as the water coalesces into the Marina Del Rey beach.

  • Pier, Palms, and Peaks

    Palm trees line the walkway of the Pacific Palisades as delicate cirrus clouds reflect the sunset colors onto the ocean from the Santa Monica Pier to the Santa Monica Mountains.

  • Sliver of Sunlight Above the Basin

    The fading sunlight squints through a massive cloud layer above the Los Angeles basin as viewed from the Hacienda Hills near Turnbull Canyon.

  • Mountain Blockade

    The chill of the Mojave Desert night takes hold as the warmth of the sun withdraws over the San Bernardino Mountain range.

  • Light Through Wooden Legs

    A seagull watches the sun dip below the Huntington Beach pier with Christmas decorations hanging from the light poles.

  • Moon Over Downtown LA

    The full moon rises over the San Gabriel Mountains behind downtown Los Angeles as viewed from Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area.

  • Foggy Golden Gate

    Only the tips of the Golden Gate Bridge are visible as the fog obscures everything below during the sunset in San Francisco.

  • Joshua Tree Witnesses

    Joshua Trees watch the moon rise as the sun sets.

  • Radiance Barrier

    Dams normally block water; in this case, the river is dry but the Sepulveda Dam still manages to intercept the golden light of the fading sun.

  • West Coast Manhattanhenge

    The setting sun is aligned through the streets of Manhattan, New York City only twice a year. On the other side of the country, the setting sun is aligned through the piles of the Manhattan Beach pier much more often but is still a beautiful sight.

  • Final Beach Frolickers

    People play on the beach as the last rays of the sun light up the sky and ocean with silhouetted lifeguard towers and palm trees.

  • Fireworks Over San Francisco Skyline

    Fireworks burst over San Francisco in celebration of Fleet Week.

  • Sixth Street Bridge and DTLA

    The sun sets over downtown Los Angeles and the Sixth Street Bridge.

  • Observant Onlookers

    Griffith Observatory was completely packed with people watching the lunar eclipse. A few of them stayed around to watch the sun rise over downtown Los Angeles the morning after.

  • Purple Pier

    Violet clouds hover over the Huntington Beach Pier just before sunrise.

  • Leading Light in Las Vegas

    The rays of the rising sun travel down Sahara Ave in Las Vegas.

  • Ferry Finale

    The Ferry Building stands alone in the otherwise empty space between the crowded skyscrapers of the financial district.

  • Icy Reflector

    Water peeking out from cover of ice mirrors the clouds and mountains above Gull Lake.

  • Sea Lion Splash

    A wave splashes over a sleeping sea lion at La Jolla.

  • Trees of Ash, Skies of Fire

    Joshua Trees are silhouetted by red clouds in Hesperia.

  • Heady Sea Lion

    A sea lion rests with its head arched back during sunset in La Jolla.

  • Amber Silhouettes Gold

    The setting sun slips behind the Marin Headlands as the Golden Gate Bridge dwarfs two birds soaring above it.

  • Forever Forward

    A footprint with a millionth of a year to exist; a tree with hundreds, a rock with thousands, and an ocean with billions.

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